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Lighting Maintenance Inc. (LMI) is an electrical contractor, licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC. LMI specializes in design, construction, and repair of lighting and electrical systems. Michael and Hilary Yoder established LMI in 1991 and still run the business today.

Lighting Maintenance Inc. services all areas of the lighting and electrical field. We construct and maintain Roadway Lighting, Sports Lighting, Commercial Lighting Systems, Traffic Signals, and provide Directional Drilling and Vacuum Excavation Services.

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What Clients Say

“Montgomery County is very satisfied with the quality work Lighting Maintenance, Inc. has done and we continue hear from the residents of the quality work they do. Montgomery County is hopeful to be able to use their services in the future. Their technicians were very knowledgeable and professional. I heartily recommend this company to those who may have need of their services. They are pleasant, confident, and professional in all ways. I recommend them without reservation to other municipalities.”
Montgomery County MD
“My organization is a repeat client of LMI for maintenance of existing lights and for installation of new lighting systems. We are continually impressed with the quality of their work, and the quality of their staff. They are reliable, responsive, and take great pride in getting work done to the full satisfaction of their clientele. I fully endorse hiring LMI for all of your lighting needs.”
“Great! Thank you for all of your help over the past weeks. Your service was exceptional and we could not have gotten everything completed without your efforts. I would be happy to let your supervisor know that you are a valued asset to Lighting Maintenance.”
N.H., Tower Companies
“Recently we required the services of Lighting Maintenance to install a Montgomery County MD approved street light. We were provided with complete product data and installation information. Once we were scheduled, Lighting Maintenance did a site visit to inspect the pole base and site conditions. Within a few days the street light pole was installed. The job was quick and clean. The owner was very happy to see the street light installed in a timely manner. Thank you for a service well done and affordable.”
Bill T., Montgomery County MD
“Jeff, I was out at the property last week with the owner and saw the poles for the first time.  They look great and the improvement in coverage is night and day.  Really appreciate your efforts on this.”
Adam Santos, The Premier Companies
“We are pleased with the streetlight services that LMI has provided for MCDOT over the last several, particularly the last couple of years.  We seem to have formed a good partnership where both sides understand and respect the goals, objectives, and requirements of one another.  LMI seems to have the resources and the know how to meet our lighting needs and the Company has gained our trust and confidence in its ability to fulfill its contractual requirements on sustained basis.  Our streetlight projects are programmed with the piece of mind that they will get completed in a timely manner and in accordance with the contract specs and prices.”
Dan M., Montgomery County MD
“Thanks for putting new streetlights in my neighborhood in South Arlington!  They look great!  Your guys worked fast.  I was very impressed.”
Liz, Resident
“Hi Jeff, Tell your guys the banners looks great.”
Keith, Northeaster Signs
“Hi Jeff, Just wanted to send over a quick note to say how helpful Kimberly Holden has been consistently. She went out of her way to send me the below update and she constantly provides very high level service and exceptional communication on open service and updates.”
Sarah Siegel, Stay-Lite Lighting
“I would just like to put in a good word for both Spencer and Frank. They both are doing a excellent job. Frank has gotten District 2 up to 99% on our Lighting numbers, compared to 86% when I took over from Jesse in July. And Spencer is always on top of the MUTTS and does it in a very timely matter and always contacts me when completed or if there are any questions.  They both make my job a little easier and hopefully I have gotten the system down and make their job a little easier.”
Chad Stanley, State Highway Administration
“Spencer Lewis has always and continues to display a high degree of integrity, responsibility, dependability, and ambition. His leadership ability is without question as well as his proven ability to work as a team player. Spence has a great work ethic, which is truly needed in this field of work. I am able to depend on Spencer to complete tasks whether I am present or not and I am confident that it will be done correctly.”
Gavin T. Randall, State Highway Administration
“Jeff / Brad: I wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful job completed on Friday with the light pole installation at Flower Hill. Mike did an excellent job on everything and we are very pleased with how things progressed and turned out. The poles and fixtures look excellent. Despite some minor challenges with the power lines on several poles everything went smooth and I appreciate everyone’s assistance in making the long awaited job wrap up successfully. Hats off to LMI and Mike and his assistants who worked very hard in conjunction with my guys in doing everything just right. I sent Mike a text Friday evening upon my final inspection saying thanking him as I was unsure of his email address.”
Brian, Pettit Companies
“Brad – just wanted to say how delighted I was with your team’s install yesterday! The banner looks AMAZING! Your team was on time, well-prepared, easy to work with, and made the BMA look wonderful. Thank you so very much!!”
Megan, Baltimore Museum of Art
“Jason and his partner came by today and changed all the lamps that needed changing. He was very competent, professional and courteous. We really appreciate that and I would like to commend Jason and his partner for their good work.”
Grace, St. James' Episcopal Church
“Hello Jeff: A job well done by you and your team. I pass by Valley Drive in the morning around 5:30am daily. The lights look great. Unit Owners feel secure at night when walking near the wooded area. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.”
Alonzo Alexander, Park Fairfax