Lighting Maintenance Inc., (LMI) is committed to protecting the safety and health of each employee as a value of the organization. To uphold this commitment, LMI safety policies meet or exceed OSHA / DOT regulations, and we proactively develop programs to prevent incidents and address job site hazards in our continued effort to achieve safety excellence. LMI became a proud member of the National Safety Council to ensure we maintain the high expectations set forth.

Training is another major component of LMI’s commitment to safety. We provide our employees with training prior to their first day at work and on a continuing basis throughout their employment to ensure they have not only the skills, but the knowledge to recognize potential hazards and eliminate or diminish them in order to work safely.

Ensuring our drivers and other drivers on the roads are safe is another priority of LMI. Through the use of DriveCam, a program that tracks fleet data and driving behaviors, LMI is able to properly train LMI employees on safe driving practices. This program allows LMI to groom our drivers for success through various coaching sessions to ensure seat belts are worn, no distractions are present, all driving laws are obeyed, and safe driving practices are followed. DriveCam by Lytx paves the way to a safe commute when traveling around LMI vehicles.

Maintaining safety and health in the workplace allows LMI not only to protect its employees, but also to achieve its business goals and maintain its competitive edge. That competitive edge is what guarantees continuing success.