Light Pole Inspections

Light Pole Inspection – Importance

Inspecting poles on a routine basis is important. Corrosion, which reduces structural integrity,is inevitable. Light poles, as with any man-made structure, require periodic inspection and maintenance during their service life. All man-made structures, whether manufactured from steel, wood, aluminum, concrete or other materials, are susceptible to decay and eventual failure.

Light Pole Inspection – Prevents

Without proper maintenance, the deteriorating effects of the environment over time can reduce the functional life of a light pole and in some cases, cause pole collapse. Corrosion, high winds, metal fatigue, insects, wind-induced vibrations, or an overloading of the structure may damage a pole and lead to failure.

Light Pole Inspection – Includes
A light pole inspection must include at minimum a visual check for structural damage, broken welds, tampering, nut loosening, missing covers, internal or external corrosion, foundation problems, excessive shaft deflection and vibration. In most cases we perform a punch test at the base of the pole when corrosion is suspected.