Nighttime Inspections

Night Inspection – Site Plan

On the first visit to your center, Lighting Maintenance Inc (LMI) will number all the poles, identify the locations of all lights and pylon signs, and then create a digital site plan from Google Earth. This site plan will be used to coordinate repair requests between LMI and the property manager.

Night Inspection – Numbering Light Pole

LMI will refer to this numbering system when identifying outages in the monthly night inspection report. Numbering poles and lettering each fixture is an excellent way of tracking possible warranty work.

Night Inspection – Service

LMI inspects properties on the 1st and/or the 15th of every month. This inspection includes a comprehensive report of each center’s lighting deficiencies including pole lighting, canopy lighting, security lighting (wall packs), pylon signage and tenant signage. This report can include an approximate cost for repair. The report/estimate is emailed to the property manager for repair approval/authorization.

Night Inspection – Report

A copy of the Night Inspection Report is given to the technician including the repair estimate. If the actual repairs are more involved than originally thought the technician will call the owner/owners representative for approval before proceeding.