Utility Designating/ Locating services includes research, planning, and the use of geophysical methods to determine the horizontal position of underground utilities.

Utility investigation is very important but in some cases they are inaccurate. Our process of utility location will provide the best possible utility location available with survey grade accuracy and this phase of the service will be done this the same phasing as the overall project We will also review the request as to the viability of the data desired.

To outline these services in the first phase we will collect all the necessary information such as maps and plans to properly identify the utilities within the project area from the appropriate utility companies and facility owners.

The second phase of the project deal with field sweeps of the project site. This process will enable us to search for utilities beyond the One Call centers locators looking for private and or abandon utilities in these areas of conflicts. Obviously, a wide range of available equipment is mandatory. A wide variety of pipes and cables are commonly unaccounted for on utility maps this is where most of our time will be spent finding unknown utilities and properly identifying them. LMI will try to identify these unknown utilities and make notes or changes for future use. Extra time and efforts will be spent looking for private, abandon and unknown utilities to prevent costly delays during the construction phase of this project.

The third designations phase of the project will be dealing directly with the overall utility locating process in which we will use to identify points of conflicts during the design phase of the project.